28 November 2016

What’s on at the library?

I’ve volunteered at the Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library twice now and I have to say the experience has been every bit as lovely as I’d hoped it would be. Thank you to the rest of the team for being so welcoming and accommodating, it’s been great working with you all. One of my favourite things about volunteering here is seeing everyone’s reactions as they discover its existence for the first time. Seeing so many smiles, lit-up eyes and genuinely excited faces has really cheered me up and made the experience so worthwhile and so too has been having the chance to talk to new people as they share such interesting stories about their lives, cultures and language-learning journey. I’m looking forward to meeting many more people very soon, as the library will be hosting something for everyone in the next few weeks.

The Italian and French conversations groups on Fridays are suspended during December. Watch this space or our Facebook page for news of when it will begin again in January. The French language groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays will also pause in December - for more information write to frenchonthetyne@yahoo.co.uk
We have our monthly parent and baby event, Rainbow Babies taking place on Saturday 3rd December. Rainbow Babies is open to all LGBTQ parents and their little ones between 11am and 2pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to take some time out with your kids to relax with a nice cup of tea, play, meet other parents and make new friends.

On Saturday 10th December 5pm-7pm, the library will play host to a public meeting held by The Migration and Asylum Justice Forum. The organisation works hard campaigning for jobs, employment rights, housing and healthcare for migrants and refugees and would welcome your support and views. The meetings are a great opportunity to get your voice heard, with Saturday’s meeting focusing on current governmental policies towards immigration and healthcare.

Christmas festivities will take place on 17th December as we will be having a children’s party from 2pm-5pm. Join us with your family as we bring wordy cheer to Newcastle with a sprinkling of snowflakes and of course a few fairy lights.There will be fun and games with poetic words in a variety of languages. Who knows - there might even be cake!
Finally, we will be closed over the Christmas period between Saturday 24th December and 2nd January and normal service will resume on Tuesday 3rd January 2017. We have many more events coming soon in the New Year and we’d love to see you there. I really hope one of our events interests you. Don’t forget you’re always welcome to come in to browse and chat. Membership and full access to our fantastic array of books resources for a whole year is a mere £5 and the more members we have, the merrier!

Emma Collingwood

15 November 2016

First Impressions

Discovering Newcastle’s own multilingual library was a pleasant surprise and as someone with an interest in languages who loves a good library, I only wish I’d discovered it sooner. Hidden away on the top floor of Eldon Garden, The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library seems a world away from a busy Saturday on Northumberland Street and the shops below as the countdown to Christmas commences and I was thankful for its peaceful ambiance. 

My first visit was only supposed to be a look round (honest!) but I was definitely drawn in and found myself saying “I’d like to volunteer” almost straight away. The room itself is decorated beautifully and is definitely an instant calming influence. However, what is more impressive is the 7000 books in over 65 languages (and counting) that have been given a new home there. 
The library has books and resources for language learners and enthusiasts of all levels and the regular story time events and selection of children’s books mean that even the youngest linguists won’t miss out. 

I start volunteering tomorrow so I’ll have finished my first day volunteering by the time this appears on the blog. I should say at this point that this is my first ever blog post. I haven’t written much other than university assignments for what feels like a long time, so please be nice. I’m very much looking forward to my first day and I’ll be sure to update you all soon on how it went. In the meantime, here are some testimonials from some friendly Facebook users. I hope they persuade you to pay us a visit or even a return visit very soon. 
I stumbled across this hidden gem by pure chance today... It certainly seems like a very precious place which I am pleased to now be aware of... I will spread the word about the many words tucked away in this novel little nook.”

Fantastic resource in the heart of Newcastle where a warm welcome and a wide range of literature in many languages awaits!”

This is a really lovely space to enjoy books of different languages and cultures. It's great to have such a unique initiative here in Newcastle. This is a must visit for language lovers.”

The Library is a lovely, charming place. I am so grateful for such places in Newcastle, this one made me eventually truly get to like the city!”

An amazing resource for lucky people in and around Newcastle. I love it!”

I’m looking forward to meeting the library’s regular visitors as well as some new faces, so please come and check out the books and resources available at The Kittiwake Trust Multilingual Library*.
*Pun 100% intended! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Emma Collingwood
14 November 2016