2 February 2017

New Year - New Events

A little late for the first blog of the year but never mind, we have lovely things in store for you.

Storytime has started up again with the monthly Polish edition. From 4 March we will also have a regular Arabic storytime - every first Saturday of the month at 2.30. This is a free event - though if anyone feels like dropping a donation in the pot to help cover the electricity costs we'd be very happy.

Rainbow Babies will also meet regularly again on the first Saturday of the month at 11.30.

We are also going to host four talks on local history by Tom Butler, a regular member of the library for more than a year now. Tom always had wonderful stories about the history of Newcastle and we all tended to down tools to listen to him. In the end we decided we had to invite him to come and give public talks. These will start on 24 February and be held every Friday at 3pm for four weeks in a row.  - And look, even if history isn't really your 'thing' Tom will have you spellbound! He is just so interesting to listen to and always has an answer to whatever questions you can come up with - so please come and give these talks a try. He hopes to awaken an interest in local history so that people will continue to discover more for themselves.
These talks are also free (how nice we are) - not only that, but there will be tea as well. Now that's an offer you can't refuse!

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